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Developing a Sustainable Sales and Service Culture

Let’s face it sales and service is not a new concept. In fact, you may feel like you can check this off the project list because you have rolled out a training program either in-house or through the support from an outside organization. However, if you step back and assess the effectiveness of your sales and service culture and find that it falls short, this session is for you.

In this session, we will review ways to inspect what you are expecting both in sales and service environments. We will also discuss what has worked and what has not to help you truly pinpoint where to go next in your quest for the best experience for your membership. Lastly, we will talk strategy for how to best engage your management, your employees, and your membership.

Lending and Branches – Unifying the Divided Forces and Making a Profit

Loans, loans, and more loans are the goals you are setting for your frontline sales teams both in the branches and in the lending departments. If you have set the goals but still seem to be falling short and wanting more results then this is the perfect session for you. We will cover strategies around how to deliver a consistent experience for your member no matter what channel they come through – phone, online, or in person, including how to create an effective internalized Service Level Agreement between all channels that promotes a healthy working relationship between departments. We will also discuss different activities you can go back and immediately execute on such as how to lead Innovative calling events and implement creative coaching techniques that allow you to grow your loan portfolio in a way that works for the frontline sales teams, the members, and your credit union’s bottom line.


Engaged and Effective Outbound Calling

Lets face it, as soon as you mention outbound calling to your frontline teams, most of them cringe or hide in the back room. In this workshop you will learn how to leverage your existing marketing efforts to create engaging calling events that your teams will eagerly volunteer for because not only will they have fun, but they will also be successful. You will see amazing results after hosting one of these events.

Event of the Year! Sales and Service Rally Event Kit

This is one workshop you will not want to pass on if you need to rally up your frontline staff for their sales and service goals. In this session we will create a customized agenda for an after-hours event that will educate and engage your frontline employees in a fun and dynamic setting geared at helping you achieve your credit union’s goals. In this workshop you will receive everything you need to lead your own sales and service rally inclusive of:

  • Agenda with a Timeline for the Two Hour Event
  • Customized Sales and Service Activities that Mirror your Credit Union’s Goals and Initiatives
  • Facilitator Talking Points or Event Facilitated for You
  • Shopping List of Materials for the Main Event or Purchased Materials


Relationship Management System

Customized classroom training centered around sales and service skills coupled with follow up field training for branch staff and managers that incorporate your credit union’s unique goals and initiatives.

Virtual Relationship Management

Customized classroom training centered around sales and service skills coupled with follow up field training for interactive teller and call center staff and managers that incorporate your credit union’s unique goals and initiatives.

Implementing the Right Sales and Service Tools

Assess existing tools used during the sales and service process and then either replace or enhance existing structure following the models of the Relationship Management System (RMS).

Personalized Sales and Service Standards

Facilitation of a strategy session to create standards for your frontline staff that are a derivative of your vision and mission to help guide staff and hold them accountable for their duties as sales and service representatives of your credit union.


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