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Going Further with Mobile Devices to Transform Internal and External Member Service

With lower costs, ease of use, and greater interactivity, smart devices are poised to transform member service for many organizations. With these highly portable devices, personnel will be able to get out from behind the counter and engage the member with a device, answer questions, access purchase history, and process transactions. Through the devices, they can also communicate with their personnel in a highly effective manner, sharing the latest in product information and giving them access to member’s account information in a safe environment. Today’s members have information at their fingertips to comparison shop and check reviews, therefore organizations need to provide their personnel with similar data offerings. Tablets can aid all areas of member satisfaction and increase sales. This session will give a pragmatic view of how the tablets and smartphones will play a key role in the evolution of member service and engagement in the retail experience.

Get Ahead with Cost-Effective Tech

Technology is absolutely necessary in financial services. You’ll lose your members without it. But credit unions just do not have the same technology budgets that large banks do. In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage technology without the big expense. Brett will introduce you to new technology and new technology strategies that can help you improve services, better serve members and grow – without being prohibitively expensive. You’ll also learn how credit unions are finding creative, budget-friendly ways to leverage technology today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Using tech as an alternative to new branches
  • Deploying tablets to create ultra-mobile branching
  • Using consumer tech to sign up new members anywhere, anytime

Social Media Gone Mobile

Credit unions have begun focusing efforts on social media from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and even Pinterest. These channels can help educate, inform, and brand a credit union into the 21st century but can social media result in sales growth of products and services within a credit union? A majority of credit unions establish social media channels to follow the norm but can not tangibly track the growth of the credit union as a result of social media. This session will help develop strategies around social media industry norms, industry best practices, pinpoint superstars and laggards, and calculate correlations between social engagement and assets, loans, net income, other 5300 report data elements.

There’s an App for that: How to Engage Members Through Tablet & Smartphone Applications

With approximately 70 million possible tablet users by year-end and 4.6 billion smartphones being used worldwide it’s safe to say credit union members are mobile. As credit unions begin to adapt and cope to the so called, “Post PC Era” how will their mobile applications on smartphones and tablets effect how they service and educate non-members and existing members?

Imagine what it would look like if a financial institution developed their own applications to educate, engage, and market to its members and non-members. Mobile devices and custom app development across multiple platforms will become critical in differentiating one financial institution from the next. As tablet devices surpass the sales of PC devices it will become even more important to strategize on the surpassing of online banking to people utilizing mobile banking.

Learning Objectives:

  • Types of financial applications for mobile devices that are currently present in the marketplace – key players, developers, and examples
  • How customization of applications can educate internal and external members
  • Learning how to decide if it is worth customizing an app or going with a standard template
  • A few applications and ideas to help teach internal and external members financial education through apps
  • Determining what your credit union can do going forward


Tablet Implementation

As a credit union professional there is never enough time in your day to complete your own tasks, let alone finding the time to coach and develop your team and self. Learn the techniques you can complete throughout the month to improve effectiveness while saving time in the long run. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Utilizing a tablet in the field.
  • Utilizing a tablet in the branch.
  • Utilizing a tablet to create internal efficiencies.

This workshop will help develop strategies around mobile implementation, industry best practices, and pinpoint superstars and laggards within the credit union.

Board Member Tablet Implementation

As a credit union CEO or CIO it might have crossed your mind to eliminate board packets and place a tablet in the hands of the credit union board members. This workshop will help you create an implementation strategy prior and help make that transition possible with your board members. In this interactive workshop your board members will learn:

  • How to utilize a tablet in the board room
  • How to communicate remotely.
  • How to effectively use a tablet to review and mark board packets.

This workshop will additionally help develop strategies around mobile implementation within boards, discuss industry best practices, and pinpoint superstars within the credit union.


Mobile Device Strategy

Customized support for developing your project plan, establishing your mobile device management process, methods to sustain usage of the mobile devices amongst your staff, and personalized mobile device training.

You Bought the Tablets, Now What

Personalized training for your frontline staff now that they have the devices and need to use them effortlessly and effectively to produce the results you are targeting.


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