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Coaching Strategies…Keys to Long Term Success

If Coaching = Sustainability and Sustainability = Results then why does consistent coaching die off? Coaching is the most cost effective approach you can use to strengthen performance, whether with frontline staff or back office departments. Knowing this, we need to step back and determine what is getting in the way and how we can overcome it. From there, we need to take the next steps for making coaching a reality. Lastly, we need to embrace coaching as a constant and not a one hit wonder that drops off after a few months.

In this session we will discuss common barriers to coaching and strategies to making coaching a priority, now and in the future. We will also review coaching templates and organizational tips and tools that can apply to every type of role at your credit union and that can be customized to your unique needs. Furthermore, we will cover how technology can aid you in your coaching efforts through the use of smart phones and tablets above and beyond what is available from your desktop computer.

Navigating Through Change and Coming Out on Top

Change is always a constant and it is in everyone’s future now more than ever with the shift of the banking model for your credit unions and your members. Because of this, why not learn techniques to help you and your team embrace it? In this presentation you will learn about a leadership methodology that will help you and your teams feel safe embracing change in order to move forward and achieve the results you are looking for. This includes learning how to effectively communicate, coach and deliver feedback, balance people’s personal piggy banks, and gain people’s buy-in and excitement.

Culture is King

At the heart of every successful company there is always one theme that stays the same no matter which organization you look at and this is “we have a great culture”. Whether your organization is large or small, seen as innovative or as a fast follower, or any other variety in the marketplace, you need to have a strong culture established in order to move everyone forward on the same page successfully. In this presentation you will hear about the different types of cultures that exist in organizations, you will complete a self-assessment of the current culture in your organization, and you will learn techniques for how to create or better shape the culture you want to thrive in your credit union.


Leverage Your Natural Talents

In this interactive workshop each person will self reflect and learn more about their personalized talents and how they can apply this knowledge to leverage their performance and personal development. At the end of this session each person will leave with the following:

  • Strengths Finder 2.0 Book
  • Validation Exercises
  • Productive and Non-Productive Aspects of Your Talents
  • Completed Action Plan to Leverage Talents

Leveraging the Team’s Talents (Must have already taken ‘Leverage Your Natural Talents’)

This workshop is designed to be a follow up session from the “Leverage Your Natural Talents” workshop. This session will focus on leveraging the talents of the entire team. Once everyone is aware and has time to reflect on their own unique talents you can continue to leverage talents by seeing how everyone works well together when they capitalize on the natural talents of each other. At the end of this session each person will leave with the following:

  • Compilation of the Team’s Weighted Talents
  • Better Understanding and Appreciation for Each Person on the Team
  • Completed Action Plan to Leverage Team’s Talents

Diving into Difficult Conversations

We have all faced non-performers, partners, or vendors that have made us cringe when we see things are not going as planned. The next step is having the courage and skill to address it. In this workshop you will learn the skills to master those conversations that you need to deliver but never want to. At the end of this session each person will receive the following:

  • Steps to overcome objections
  • Tools to assess why someone is not meeting expectations
  • A template to prepare for the conversation
  • Confidence when speaking and coaching


Coaching Strategies

Designed for frontline managers and assistant managers to give them the tools and skills needed to coach their sales and service teams.

Executive Coaching

Personalized coaching that is designed for middle level managers either new to their role or feeling stagnant with their personal growth.


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