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Put Your Business Development Into Overdrive

The business development world is changing and so should your credit union. In this session, Brett will provide you with the support and tools you need to enhance your business development team. You will learn ways to enhance your culture and coaching structure to increase results immediately. You will also learn how to incorporate technology to allow your team to operate more efficiently and effectively in the field.

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance existing Business Development department teams by discussing strategies, goals, tracking, individual member profiles, and creating a prospecting plan
  • Redefine the roles of a Business Development Manager to strengthen hiring strategies and ways to recruit and assess strong candidates
  • Discover how simple it is to establish a remote office for your Business Development team

Take the ‘Office’ Out of Business Development Officer

A Business Development Officer should be considered the ‘Chameleon’ of the credit union industry and it is vital in today’s environment to give them the tools they need to be successful. This session will review over resources you can give them to help them blend into their environment, what a remote office looks like, what support Marketing & IT need to give, and developing real time goals to establish a plan of action.

Be a ‘Benefit’ Not a Vendor for Your SEGs

With SEGs & Member Companies cutting benefits it’s important to position your credit union as a free, no cost benefit for their employees. In this session you will learn how to establish the tools that can help employers take on health benefit cuts while eliminating financial stresses to help make a great living for their employees. After attending this session be prepared to gather ideas and walk away with a sense of purpose for the SEGs or Member Companies you serve.


Cold Calling: Develop an Engaging Cold Calling Strategy

It can be frustrating to try and manage dormant, inactive, or CUDL members. In this workshop learn how to create cold calling tools that can be applied before, during, and afterwards to train, coach, and track results.

  • Leveraging dormant, inactive, or CUDL members to drive results.
  • Making Business Development enjoy cold calling through engaging events.
  • Create a strong outbound calling strategy that educates and tracks results.

Developing the Perfect Week

It can be frustrating to try and manage current Member Companies/SEGs at the same time as bringing in new ones. How do you balance prospecting activities that are effective and lead to trackable results? In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Leveraging Strategic Partnerships.
  • Making Your Prospecting Plan Work for You.
  • Create a Strong Personal Brand in the Community.


Branding Your Business Development Team

Assists in developing goals, activities, coaching, and tracking to build a successful team that mirrors your brand in the community.


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